Why Us To Control Mosquitoes

Market Leader

  1. Only Indian manufacturer with own proprietary Integral Pulse Jet Engine Technology
  2. Our products are Designed and Made in India for India.
  3. We have a Pan India presence.
  4. In the fogging machine market plagued with sub-standard imported fogging machines, we are the only manufacturer who offer money back if your machine does not perform*
  5. We are the only Indian manufacturer providing integrated solution both of Quality Fogging Machines and Quality Fogging Services to customers offering 100% guarantee for effectiveness. Nobody else provides both in India.

The Company is in Fogging business for more than 13 years.

The Company is ISO 9001 certified, CE Certified and assessed for WHO certification

The Company complies to stringent Defense Standards – supplies to Army, Navy and Air Force.

The company provides integrated solution for all your mosquito related issues through its Fogof division –

Fogof, through its franchisee, 

Assesses the client’s infected areas, Quantifies the extent of mosquito infestion, Devises plan, Executes, and Demonstrates to the clients the exact reduction in mosquito population in quantifiable terms, along with short term and long term action plans.

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