FAQs - Mosquito Control

Why Should I Buy a Fogging Machine?

To answer this question, it is important to understand exactly what a Fogging Machine is? A Fogging Machine or a Mosquito Machine is a means which equips you to fight Mosquitoes and other undesired vectors for a certain span of time by generating a dense fog/ smoke having pesticides to knock down mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are responsible for deadly diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Although, fogging does not eradicate mosquitoes forever, but it substantially reduces their population. If fogging is carried out regularly the Mosquito population reduces and provides comfort and safety for a long span of time.

It is a paradox that almost 90% of the Mosquitoes are born outside our house but almost 90% of the time, we fight them inside our house. We have forgotten when we last time sat outside our house comfortably. Even after having developed the garden and outside sitting areas, we hardly sit there. It is important to control mosquitoes outside. This will eradicate the menace right where it origins. And to achieve it there is no better means than to Fog using right medicine in a Suraksha Fogging Machine.


What is a Fogging Machine?

The most effective Fogging Machine is a device which generates millions of minute droplets of a liquid pesticide solution. The minute droplets of the pesticide solution due to their microscopic size, remain in air for a very long span of time. The collection of these  droplets in the atmosphere which obscure our vision, is called the Fog.


Why Do We Need a Fog?

Fog is a collection of millions of microscopic droplets. The smaller the droplet, higher is its knocking power. More such droplets mean more cumulative Power of all droplets together. It means that the amount of pesticide needed in Fogging is very less. For achieving the same effect, a sprayer would require atleast 10x the pesticide quantity. Therefore, Fogging is not only a very effective process to reach smallest vector but it also saves the world from excessive use of pesticides.



If Fog/ Minute Droplet is so Important, How Do I Check the Quality of Fog?

There are various tests through which a fogging machine need to pass. These tests are done at recognized laboratories. You must ask for the Test Certificates before purchasing the product. Also, you must practically compare the Solution consumption for covering a space. In addition, find out from the Seller whether he knows these parameters. There are some machines which consume 25 liters of diesel based solution in 1 hour. It is directly related to the Pulse Jet Engine Technology used in these machines. Only SURAKSHA® Fogging Machines guarantee you minimal usage of 4 to 5 liters of solution per hour.


Is Fogging Machine a Reliable & Proven Product?

It is important to note that fogging, in its original form of creating smoke (or creating dhuri) to keep mosquitoes at bay is an age old method. Fogging machine is a recent development to create the “dhuri” intensely. It has been around for decades and it is a matured product now. There are many across the globe, who are using it for decades. Therefore, the technology of a fogging machine is proven. There are only few Fogging Machines worldwide, like Suraksha Fogging Machines, which are reliable.


What is the Life of a Fogging Machine?

The life of any product can be bifurcated as Shelf life and Working life. Although Shelf life of most fogging machines is long, there is a huge variation in the Working life of different fogging machines. Most fogging machines do not even have a month’s working life due to the incompetent Pulse Jet Engine Technology used in these machines. Only SURAKSHA® Fogging Machines are available with 3 years Engine warranty


Does Fogging Machine need Frequent Maintenance?

The beauty of a great product is in its ability to be almost maintenance free, like an iPhone. Although the market is flooded with cheap international products, which may have a Make-In-India tag, but they require frequent maintenance. Often these machines are imported and do not have any spare part availability. It is important to verify from the existing users’ real reviews, because good fogging machines hardly need any maintenance for years.


What is the Single Most Important Parameter to Check Before Buying a Fogging Machine?

It’s important to know that the heart of the Fogging Machine is its Pulse Jet Engine, designing and manufacturing of which needs expertise and experience. Unlike an automobile engine, there are hardly any service stations available to repair such engines. It is therefore, all the more important to purchase a recognized branded product, where the seller can share a list of users to whom you can talk to and get feedback. The single most important parameter that you must validate is true feedback about the machine performance from a person actually using the machine.



Should I Buy Cheap Unbranded Fogging Machines? 

When you select to buy a Fogging Machine just because the price of the machine is 10% or 20% cheaper, you are risking 80% or 90% of the fogging machine price (your hard earned money) completely. Hence, before buying cheap fogging machines, be convinced that you are not going to lose all. It is also important to find out spares and servicing policy of the brand being purchased. SURAKSHA® Fogging Machines come with a guarantee of 5 years spare parts availability.



Why is it Sensible to Buy a Fogging Machine?

Keeping away mosquitoes means saving a lot of your money, which could have been spent on hospital bills or to compensate lost earnings. Dengue and Malaria kill thousands every year around the globe though human life is invaluable. Diseases like Dengue, Chickengunia, Malaria, etc. also cause permanent loss of strength, and a crippled living thereafter.

Fogging of your premises for 5 minutes daily is enough. To get the results, complete area must be blanketed with medicine simultanuosly, for just a few minutes. Hence, if you have powerful machine and not a tiny LPG gas operated machine (which may be okay for indoors), you are good to go. It enhances your wellness by allowing you to roam around in the nature. Therefore, it makes a terrific sense to invest in one Fogging Machine for your place.


If Fogging Machine is so Useful, why Don’t Everybody Have it ?

The Fogging Machine is powered by a Pulse Jet Engine. The Jet Engine technology is intrigue and complex. Hence, there are hardly few manufacturers worldwide you manufacture Quality Pulse Jet Engines who have invested into Research & Development. Many just copied and sold similar Fogging Machines without the basic understanding of the product. Such Fogging Machines fail within a month of purchasing them. Hence, most of the machine owners are unhappy as their machines do not operate. Also due to the dearth of Quality Fogging Machines, not many have it. Nevertheless, the usefulness of a good Fogging Machine remains and Suraksha Fogging Machine is here to fill up the space and provide a Quality experience throughout.  



Is Fogging Safe?

In Fogging the fuel burns completely, unlike in automobiles. No dangerous gases (Sox and NOx) are generated during Fogging. The Fogging solution can be diesel based, water based or based on other mediums. The Fog is not generated by burning diesel. It is just condensation of diesel. Fog when collected in a container, is just liquid diesel. Fogging is required to be carried out only for few minutes and humans can chose to stay away from the fog, which even otherwise is harmless for humans, for those 5 minutes. Therefore, Fogging is absolutely safe for humans.