Life Cycle of Mosquito




Mosquitoes are an important part of the Ecosystem and play an important role in helping maintain this beautiful nature. 

Nevertheless, around human they must be controlled – primarily because safeguarding human life is much more important than the mosquito itself.

To be able to take care of the need to control mosquito, it is important that we know Mosquito, it’s characteristics, habits, requirements, etc. Please watch the video to understand more about mosquitoes.




Various methods to control mosquitoes have been implemented over the existence of mankind. Most of these methods do not target outdoors control, from where the mosquitoes primarily enter your homes or offices. 

We, at Vighnharta Corporation, believe we must target the source of discomfort outside, so that you all are safe both Indoors and Outdoors. Be it needed, our products can be used indoors as well.

The idea is excellent and so should be the means. The right PICK matters. The video provides various options to control mosquitoes, their advantages and disadvantages.





Considering the quantum of mosquitoes, their presence all around, their tiny size, their ability to fly away from the insecticide source swiftly – the only method to combat the army of mosquitoes is Thermal Fogging.


Thermal fogging process/ machines produce billions of minute microscopic droplets containing molecules of lethal insecticides to knock mosquitoes down (not kill but make them inactive). The droplets are so tiny that even wind can carry them to spread all around in a matter of seconds in the form of fog. The sudden surrounding of fog leaves mosquitoes incapable to run away, and covering huge space within moments ensures effectiveness of the process.


No other machine is capable of doing what thermal fogging machines can do.