Mosquito, World's Deadliest Creature

Why Mosquito Control Is Important?

Some mosquitoes are harmful and can spread viruses like West Nile, Dengue, Zika, and parasites like Malaria. However, even other mosquitoes bother people and are considered “nuisance” mosquitoes. Interestingly, even if only female mosquitoes need blood for reproducing, it is impossible to separate out mosquitoes for selective control. 


At any given moment of time there are approximately 20,000 mosquitoes per each living person, killing more than 10,00,000 persons every year worldwide (WHO published data). As per this estimate of World Health Organization, it is projected that in India, alone, approximately 50,000 to 75,000 people die due to vector borne diseases. Many who survive complain life-long joint pain and other side effects. Being the biggest reason for death after natural cause, Mosquito Control becomes important for human well-being. 


More so because, its around each one of us everyday. We just don’t know which bite will be fatal.

Need - Because of Ever Growing Medical Treatment Expenses

Savings Lost to Mosquito Diseases

Health is Wealth. Diseases due to Mosquito not only make you ill for days, but incapable to lead a blissful healthy life thereafter, maybe even affecting your future earning potential.



Further, this comes with a medical treatment expense running in thousands and lacs of indian rupees depending on where you take treatment.  It is a need of time to take precautionary measures.


Our efforts are precautionary and therefore intended to remove the obstacles in living a healthy life – inspired from The Vighnharta (GaneshJi)

Hospital Wards Using Mosquito Nets

Need - Because of Permanent Side Effects Post Disease

Child Practising Meditation in Nature

After every disease, your resistance power to fight further diseases, could be substantially reduced. Even Chikangunia is no exception, for that matter any disease caused by a mosquito if not treated in time, leads to failure of other body organ parts which may make a person permanently disabled.


Joint pains and the phobia of the pains if another infected mosquito bites, for a past patient, is natural and is seen in many.


To be forced to live in pain in future, calls for precautionary measures to combat mosquitoes.

Joint Pains May Persist Full Life Post Degue

Need - Because Family Health & Happiness Is Our Responsibility

Need for Safe Surrounding, Children Playing Outside

India is changing. Considering the present state of affairs, still Health related Safety of your children, your family and yourself cannot be guaranteed. Water accumulations could be anywhere, even outside your own dwelling, be it a bunglow or a housing society, leading to breeding ground for mosquitoes.

It is a need of present time to keep your beloved ones safe, to put in best efforts to provide them with Safety (Suraksha).

Mosquito Breeding Locations Near Residential Areas

Need - Because Things May Be Different

Mosquito Being Correctly Targeted By Suraksha Foggers

You may be very happy and therefore careless that fogging in the area just happened; but you need to ask the question and even verify with our patented processes to understand the effectiveness of Fog.

As a Fog with effective insecticides and one without effective insecticides both look the same.

Fog of Fogging Machine Must Be Effective; Not Just An Eyewash

Need - Because We All Deserve A Life

Person Relaxing In Nature

When we are Alive

Shouldn’t we get the liberty to calmly sit in the balcony and enjoy a cup of coffee?

Shouldn’t we get the liberty to walk in the garden without worrying of the bite?

Shouldn’t students get to study without losing their concentration due to the buzzing in the ears?

Shouldn’t our family be safe from the fumes emitting all night?

Shouldn’t we have a peaceful sleep after a busy day?

Family Spending Sleepless Night Due To Mosquito Fear