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The Need For Mosquito Fogging Machine

Child Suffering from Dengue - Mosquito Bite
Child Suffering From Dengue - Hospitalized


Mosquitoes don't differentiate between the Rich and the Poor. Every person is equally prone to mosquito bite. Pains due to mosquito bites is same for all. Some may afford the hospital expenses, while for others the cost of Dengue treatment is so high that they can not reach hospitals. For those fortunate ones who have deep pockets, even they may not find a hospital bed during peak Dengue season. Its important to prevent diseases by mosquito fogging your area.

Imprisoned in a Mosquito Net
Need of Mosquito Net - Loss of Openness & Freedom


Human history tells us that we prefer freedom. We wish to be free every moment. However, the freedom of being able to be out in the open is taken away by the fear of grappling with the Dengue fever. Even inside our own home we have lost your freedom to mosquito nets and night-long fumes of pesticides. Why can't we not live without a mosquito racket, a mosquito net or those mosquito pesticide fumes? We can. Bring a Suraksha Mosquito Machine, a Fogging Machine and drive away all mosquitoes near your home.

Child Care - Malaria
Parent Caring Child Suffering Dengue Fever


Children are our future but they are most susceptible to falling ill. There is no parent who is not worried when his or her child is ill. They do everything to protect the child. But, do we know that mosquitoes is the single biggest reason for deaths in human beings worldwide. Mosquitoes pass on deadly virus and bacteria, which easily make our next generation ill. To safeguard your family, take proactive action by carrying out thermal fogging of your premises.

Suraksha Fogging Machine - Front View
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Suraksha Mosquito Machines

Since ages smoke has been used to drive away the mosquitoes and other pests. We at Vighnharta Corporation, believe that the ancient methods must be preserved with updations. Therefore, we have 100% designed and manufactured in India smoke machines / fogging machines for you. These machines are having the Suraksha Pulse Jet Engine at the heart of it. There are various models to cater all types of requirements. From a small 2 litre capacity machine to a 200 litre capacity (Mounted on vehicles) we maufacture everything with reliability at the heart of it. Look no further, when you need a solution to your mosquito problem.

What do our Customers say about Us?

“We were fighting blindly against mosquitoes without any success and then we were suggested to contact Vighnharta Corporation. Their kowledge and earnest wish to help us live happily, mosquito free, is nothing less than Godliness”


Mayank Tripathi, Mumbai


From a Machine Manufacturer to Integrated Mosquito Solution Provider.

We started 13 years back as a humble fogging machine manufacturer. Over the years, we have not only graduated into developing one of the best Pulse Jet Engine but also a reliable Fogging Machine, designed and manufactured in India. With honesty and transparency as our key principles, we have expanded in every state of India. Our customers include Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Army, many large Corporations and just growing. In the process we have devised ways and means to provide Integrated Effective Solution to all types of Mosquito problems. So whatever may be your worry, reach us for a solution.

A Mosquito Sucking Blood
Deadly Mosquito Full With Human Blood


Whether you’re curious about features of our machines, a free trial, or just knowing from our experts about being mosquito safe, Vighnharta Corporation team is here to answer any question. We promise to revert back to your query, mostly in next 4 working hours.